PIHIT Laptop Power Manager

My contribution to green IT concept…

Those old days have gone where man made use of ten different gadgets to get his work done or spend his leisure. Now being in digital era everything can be handled using a single gadget known as computer. Devices and technology have become a core part of our routine. Technology has excelled in such a way that people do work for a company that is far away from their sight. The whole world can be enclosed within our fist. And there are some criteria where computing devices are employed for 24/7 days.

The basic necessity relies upon power consumption to utilize any electronic gadgets. Already 10 percent of world’s electricity is utilized by computers and smart phones. The demand will increase gradually with new tech emergence and economic growth. So Power Management is the only remedy to optimize power consumption to some extent. But it is sadder to know that only 13 percent of companies have implemented power management techniques across globe till date.

Implement Go green concept right from your PC for creating a better today and much better tomorrow. So trigger your Power Management ideologies to save time, capital and energy.

Perhaps! A honeypot without draining our money pot?

Yes…Introducing PIHIT LAPTOP Power Manager, a free utility that is capable of carrying out Manage Power Settings of a PC/laptop. Generally, power plans (settings such as screen brightness, background applications running, etc.) are based on power cable plug in and plug out strategies. But this software hits the wicket through a unique functionality like changing your power plans based on network. You can create, manage and schedule power plans based on network that you provide. Power plans can be switched based on the network you have connected at that time.

Here’s a brief synopsis of its key features you need to know.

  • Create, Manage and Schedule Power plans simultaneously saving energy and boosting system efficiency
  • Change settings of three power plans that are by default– Balanced, High Performance & Power Saver Mode, and user created Power plans, according to need
  • Schedule different tasks like computer shutdown, turn off display, enabling system in sleep/ hibernate mode/wake from sleep/lock computer or adjust brightness
  • Automatically switch between Power Plans depending on the connected network

So, Let’s minimize power draining and maximize power savings from now. There are three main key options with this application- Creating Power Plan, Manage Power Plan and Schedule Power Plan.

Hundred steps of journey start with the first step. Here the initial move starts from Creating Power Plan.

Just follow the below steps to finish this task.

Step 1: Click Create Power Plan from beautiful blue colored main screen
Step 2: Another Window will be opened, assign a name to the created Power Plan and change the settings according to your choice
Step 3: Now click on Create & Schedule button. A success message will appear asking for OK. Click on it
Step 4: Then immediately tool asks to Schedule the newly created Power Plan
Step 5: “Based on Time” or “Based on Network”, click any one option to choose schedule type for activation.

  • For Based on Time option, four sub options appears-run now, run once, run daily and run weekly; opt any one and allocate time for that plan.
  • For Based on Network, select network type from the list provided

Step 6: Hit on Schedule button. Click OK
Step 7: Manage Power Plan Window with default and user created Power plans will be highlighted. Plans can be edited or deleted here.

Set and forget it, that is create a plan assigning time or by choosing a network and relax. No need to optimize/check the tool several times in future. You can just Manage Power Plan for New Power Plans creation. User can manage his plan by editing or by deleting them.

And finally Schedule Power Plan for enabling or disabling any plan. Mark or unmark the check box to enable/disable the plan. This option comes with a package of five sub-options such as Add New, Edit, Enable, Disable and Remove for scheduling already created plan, to edit, enable, disable and also remove a plan.
Main blue screen provides Click to change Active Plan option to set, activate a plan and also a short summary of all the plans on the left side of main page.

Watt’s ON! Turn it OFF. Well, not turning off the entire system but optimizing the power consumption idea. What are you still waiting for? Convert the above words into action by tapping on the button here


Save energy, save earth…