Simple Steps to Configure Outlook On Your System

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Emergence of expensive watches and gadgets will never end up as long as new tech trend stops to explore. But still people proclaim that they don’t find time for communication.  Keeping up state of the art and being updated with the latest happenings in today’s world is quite tough.

Decades back there were only a few option available for information exchange such as drum beats, smoke signals, pigeons, etc. which were inconvenient in many situations. This made it necessary to upgrade mode of communication gradually. Compared to older days, there are numerous ways to exchange data across globe in modern communication system. One such advanced benefit is Email application.

Email is useful for mobility, communication, marketing, promoting, follow-up and many more. Electronic mails are operated across computer networks by utilizing internet.

Moreover, for delivery of such emails and messages there are many tools and applications available. It is very familiar to know about MS Outlook application, a secure email client tool that is been utilized by diverse community. Not just with email handling, calendar scheduling, task managing, contact managing, web browsing, note taking are some of the other tasks that are carried out with Outlook. Being an all-rounder, Outlook aids a user to follow up his routine works intact.

Microsoft Outlook: How to configure it on system and make communication effortless?

Note! Firstly, Outlook need to be installed onto the system and also one should be aware of information such as their Email address, password, incoming out outgoing mail server provided by their particular ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Steps that will guide in configuring MS Outlook on your system are as follows:

  • From Add New Account, click on Manual setup or additional Server types and on Next as well
  • Click on POP/IMAP then on Next
  • Start configuring User information settings prescribed below:
  1. Fill your full name in Your Name column
  2. Specify your email ID in Email Address session
  • Server Information will be specified, click the Account Type that you have. If POP3/IMAP is opted, then follow the configurations as below:
  1. Enter the server name in Incoming mail server box (use lowercase to fill this)
  2. Similarly enter the outgoing server name for Outgoing mail server option
  • Settings to be carried out under Logon Information
  1. Type User Name and Password
  2. Click on Remember Password if password is to be remembered by Outlook
  • Select Require logon by using Secure Password Authentication
  • Clicking on Test Account Settings, the process that begins are:
  1. Confirmation of Internet connectivity is done
  2. SMTP/ POP3 server is logged in
  3. If there are any changes in Outlook initial set up that will be indicated by a test message.
  • Click on Next and finally hit om Finish to complete the setup

Isn’t it easy to configure Outlook on system? If you’re not done with it, immediately finish it up! With just few clicks, discover email flicks with simple tricks mentioned above.

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