Title: How To Get Rid Of Junk Files On Mac?

The first thing to know about development junk or simply Mac application junk is that it is not just one type of file found in specific folders. Junk files are a combination of temporary and support files which appear, disappear and get stored in various system directories. These files can be sometimes invisible or inaccessible to users. Some points that will help you in clearing junk data from your system are given below:

  • When you download any file or application, some temporary internet files gets downloaded unknowingly on your system. Therefore, you should delete these temp files from your MacBook Pro to free up hard drive space. You can even clean junks manually.
  • Compress and archive your old files: Once your files are compressed, move them to an external hard drive, USB thumb drive or CD for storage. Keeping files you don’t regularly use on your computer will slow it down.
  • Clean up system logs and temporary files periodically: Your system should automatically run UNIX maintenance scripts. Some earlier versions of Mac OSX only run these scripts between 3 and 5 AM during which, most computers are into asleep or shut off.
  • App Cleaner:This app is the most popular of the apps used by Mac users. This app facilitates the full uninstallation of the files that cause clutter to the system. It is the only application of its kind. The feature that stands out in this application is its drop and uninstall option. This app plays an important role in cleaning junk from the user’s system.
  • Deleting Unwanted Apps from Context Menu:This step is extremely important for deletion of unwanted files. When a user clicks on the context menu, it is easy to find lot of unwanted applications present. Which are very much capable of creating physical disorder to the desktop, so the need for cleaning of such apps arises. The user has to click on maintenance and then on rebuild, and click the execute button to start the cleaning process. This process is simple and easy.
  • Clean the desktop:The desktop of any system is prone to many junk files and viruses, so clean it session after session. A lot of pictures, files are added to the desktop which prove to be fatal to the system, if it is not taken care of. Thus, cleaning the desktop is extremely important for a Mac. The application that helps the user to clean the desktop is “Clean”. This software has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. This tool keeps shifting the junk files from the desktop to a particular folder from where the files can be easily removed.


  • Make a backup of important files before performing any of the above mentioned methods.

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