Uber Carpools Can Now Be Booked Through Facebook Messenger


Uber is a convenient, low-priced and safe taxi service. You can rent a private driver to pick you up and take right to your destination. Just with a tap of a button on your phone, the nearest driver will reach at your pickup location within minutes.

UberPOOL or Uber carpooling allows to share your ride and split the cost with another Uber rider who head towards same direction. Each UberPOOL rider can bring one additional passenger along.

Few benefits of choosing UberPOOL are:

  • Save Money – After selecting UberPOOL using the app and specifying your pick-up point and destination, you are matched up with up to 3 other riders in total and each person will save as much as 40% of uber fare.
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Global warming is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, which is made up of carbon dioxide created when fossil fuels are burned. Carpooling with UberPOOL helps to reduce the amount of cars on the road and, as a result, the amount of Coemissions.       
  • Stay Healthy – Apart from Co2 , cars also emit carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and fine particulate matter which causes various respiratory problems. You can significantly lower your contribution to the above by opting to take one or two fellow riders along.
  • Cut Down on Traffic Congestion – Carpooling with a service like UberPOOL will get more cars off the road and as a result, it lets everyone reach the destination quick enough.
  • Meet New People – Since different riders are traveling in a similar direction as you, you’ll have something in common to talk about and hence you’ll get to meet new people.

Facebook Messenger has made booking of UberPOOL ride bit more easier­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­. It works like this;

  • Open up a messenger conversation.
  • Click on the three-dot menu button below.
  • Select the car icon “Transportation”.
  • This will open Uber’s Request Ride option where you can add your pick up location, destination and car type.

Booking a car through Messenger alerts those in your chat thread that you have grabbed a ride. It is not much different than simply ordering from the Uber app, but it gives added benefit to share your ride information with your friends along with location information to let them know that you are on the way. Perhaps more importantly, you need not install the Uber app, which is handy if you only need rides occasionally. A much more useful implementation would be allowing you to specify your carpool partner so you could easily pick up a friend on the way to an event.

Finally, uber is dedicated to keeping people safe on the road. This technology enables us to focus on driver and rider safety before, during, and after every trip.

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